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New South Wales have firmed slightly into $1.75 favouritism ahead of the third and final 2017 State of Origin game at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday night. Queensland held their nerve to claim an outsider 18-16 win over the Blues and officially square the 2017 State of Origin series in…


The State of Origin is regarded as the most competitive rugby league tournament in the world featuring some of NRL’s best rugby league players, which are used to create the “Super” teams. Names like Wally Lewis, Alan Langer and Mal Meninga have attracted more and more fans with their superb playing skills and as a result the three match tournament is now witnessed by more than three million people each year either at the games or on television.

Donning a State of Origin jersey is a great honour borne by a few select men throughout rugby league history. Each player has had to work very hard to gain and retain their position on their respective team. It’s always easy to tell when it’s that time of year again due to the immense amount of State of Origin news that circulates.

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With the game gaining more exposure on television, it is also attracting a great deal of attention from sport’s punters who see the appeal in wagering on the heated battle between the two states. Although the game is just played between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues, betting on the game can be heaps of fun for those in other states of Australia. There are heaps of bets available including the immensely popular live in-game betting.

State of Origin history is long and illustrious, so you’ll find plenty of stats and facts to base your decisions on. All things considered though, a long, thorough analysis of the players and the coaching staff will give you a good guide as to where to put your money. Start with the State of Origin teams and work your way up from there.

State of Origin Bet Types:

There is a multitude of potential State of Origin bets. For the best State of Origin odds, use a reputable online agency such as bookmaker.com.au or Ladbrokes.com.au.

Single Bets: Includes a head-to-head wager with/without a draw.

Multiple Bets: The punter places several bets down during the game and the odds of the bets are combined to equal a greater payout. This is a great bet for those with a bit more experience as the payout is only given if the punter wins all the bets in the multiple.

Handicap Bets: Otherwise known as line betting, the bet involves the bookmaker placing a handicap on each match to level out the game’s competition. The favourite receives a minus amount which indicates that they must win by more than the handicap for the punter to receive their payout. The underdog team is given a positive handicap which means they must not lose by more than the handicap amount or they have to win the game.

Margin Bets: A margin is applied to both teams and it is up to the punter to decide whether a team is capable of beating the other team with a score between or over the set margin. The usual margins are either between 1-12, 13+ or a draw.

Exotic Bets: These bets are specifically offered for State of Origin betting.

Player positions (halfback, five-eight)

Winning team

First scorer

First player to score

Correct Score

Even/odd score

Half time/full time score

Most Tries by a player

Tri Betting


Live Bets: Many bookmakers allow punters to bet during the matches at half time. These bets are great as the punter already knows how each team is playing and has more of a chance at predicting each team’s next movements.

Future Bets: Bets placed prior to the season offer fantastic odds, which is why there are so many punters who do their homework and invest in the future bets.

State of Origin winner

NSW Coach

Team Captain

State of Origin Bet Odds:

State of Origin betting odds are available for all the betting types stated above and are listed in the decimal format by Australian bookmakers. The decimal amount indicates how much money will be gained from a bet of one unit. However one unit can refer to $1, $10 or $100 so check this with your bookmaker before placing any bets down. Majority of decimal odds will go out to two decimal places to ensure a greater accuracy of odds.

The odds on a State of Origin match would look like:

State of Origin Game 1 Head to Head

Home Away

Queensland v New South Wales 1.65 2.25

Money wagered x odds = payout (wagered amount + bonus)

So the punter would need to know where the two teams are playing before placing any bets. So if game one was being played at the Suncorp Stadium, Queensland would be considered the home team and therefore their odds are shorter as the favourite team. The punter decides to wager $60 on Queensland winning the match so $60 x 1.65 = $99. This amount includes the original $60 wagered and therefore the bonus amount is $39. For more SOO we recommend checking Panda Sports for your Sports News or click through for State of Origin tickets.